Sony XB950N1 Review

Sony XB950N1 Review

Sony XB950N1 Review

In this Sony XB950N1 Review we’ll discuss The new sets of headphones that are designed by Sony for the bass lovers. The Sony XB950N1 headphones are wireless, through NFC and Bluetooth, and have noise cancellation, extra bass along with an attractive design.

These can be for all types of uses but are primarily geared for the bass lovers. For a decent price range, you get to have a great pair of headphones from one of the best brands, which has excellent features as well as a high comfort level and long battery life.

Design and Style

These headphones have a similar design, in fact, almost identical to the MDR-XB950B1. They are, however, a bit on the heavy side and have a button through which you can enable as well as disable the noise cancellation feature.

There is ample padding as well as a solid plastic and metal frame, which makes these headphones well built. They are a bit bulky, and the ear cups protrude slightly as they sway during any physical activity.

This means, even though these headphones are wireless, they are not suitable for use during outdoor sports or activities.

These headphones have a different color scheme, and the ear cups and the headband are padded very well and look quite high-endish.

The design of the headband is a mixture of the older Sony headphone version of MDR-ZX770BN and the new version WH-1000XM2.

They do have a look, which is premium but not very sleek as other Sony models.

Comfort Level and Controls

The Sony XB950N1 headphones are quite comfortable even though they do not have the best fit for large ears. These are heavier than the non-noise cancellation ones, but the headband and the ear cups are similar.

The comfort level is significant because if the headphones cause discomfort to the user, it can cause pain or soreness to the user and not provide them a pleasant listening experience. These headphones are well-padded and comfortable.

They are, however, not very breathable even though they do seal the ear quite well and do not get very hot either. However, because these are the over the ears headphones and have very thick padding, it will make you sweat more, primarily if you use them during exercising, this is why they are not suitable for sports or physical activities.

Their control scheme is also very efficient and has a button for enabling and disabling the noise cancellation feature. There are options for different controls available on the right ear cup, which includes options for playing, pausing, volume controls.

The left ear cup contains buttons for the bass effect and the noise cancellation ones.

These are NFC and Bluetooth enabled headphones and have a standard audio cable, but there is no option of pairing as a multi-device.

This means they are not compatible with consoles because there is no audio cable along with a microphone.

Portability, durability and battery life

The Sony XB950N1 headphones are portable. They have joints in the hinges through which they can fold into a compact design. The ear cups can also become flat, which comes in handy, but it does not help save much space.

These headphones are still problematic to carry around, even when they are folded, especially if you do not have a bag to put them in. They come in a pouch, which helps prevent them from getting scratched.

The pouch is made of basic cloth and, as such, does not help in shielding them from water damage or any impact from drops, etc.

Moreover, the headphones look well made and feel quite durable. There is sturdy metal in the headband and has a plastic frame, and the ear cups are dense.

These headphones can even withstand accidental falls and are durable enough that they will not get damaged, also if there are stretched a bit too much. However, the ear cups of these headphones are less resistant to drops and impacts, and they have a plastic feel to them.

Their battery life is better than their older version of MDR-XB950B1. It takes a bit longer to charge, but there are 24 hours of battery, which is good enough to last for your average listening session or even an entire day of heavy use.

Stability, Sound, and Microphone

Like mentioned earlier, these headphones are not very suitable for use during exercising or jogging. The weight and the size of the ear cups cause them to move a lot during any form of physical activity.

This can lead them to fall off, especially if you tilt your head too much, which is not the right choice for most sports or the gym. However, they are entirely wireless, which means for general listening sessions, they are excellent.

These headphones have an extended and deep bass, which has excellent imaging and an excellent mid-range. The treble, on the other hand, maybe a little weak and lacks brightness and details on lead and vocal instruments.

Due to this, these headphones may not be the best choice for those who prefer a well balanced and excellent audio reproduction. Moreover, since these headphones have noise cancellation, these are suitable for use in loud environments.

Their noise cancellation feature, however, is not very strong and may end up creating self-noise. However, if you play the music loud enough, you will be able to block out any outside noise that may distract you.

The microphone is quite mediocre. The speech, which is transmitted or recorded in quiet environments with this mic, may sound a bit thin and even slightly muffled and without much detail, but it will still be easy to understand.

However, if it is in a noisy environment, such as a busy street, it may be difficult to separate the speech from the background noise.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Enclosure: Closed-back
  • Wireless
  • Noise cancellation
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Total battery time: 24hours
  • Charge time: 3.9 hours
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable


  • These are durable and sturdy
  • It has reliable and efficient controls
  • The headphones are easy to use
  • They can deliver powerful bass
  • Great battery life


  • The noise cancellation is weak
  • The bass may be too intense for some people
  • The battery takes a long time to charge


These headphones are suitable for use for various purposes. They are pretty good for listening to music since they have bass-heavy sound quality.

They do have the noise cancellation feature, yet it is not very useful. However, they are sturdy and durable. They may not be the best choice for commuting or critical listening, but it does have robust features and suitable for most uses.

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