How to Reset Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones, commonly known as wireless headphones, can be connected with different electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players and PCs without the help of wired cords.

Wired headphones usually come with wired cords that must be plugged into the slots available in these devices for receiving as well as sending the audio signals.

But, with wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones, this need for plug and play is eliminated. It had killed the headphone jacks, and it is the future for audiophiles!

Bluetooth technology serves as an all-inclusive technology that can be used, to get any device pair with a different device; unlike the wired ones, where a specific slot with specific dimensions is mandatory.

It helps with the transfer of data too by using simple radio waves. It has a range of 32 feet and is not prone to interference.

Radio waves serve as a short-range communication medium between these devices. The only requirement is that the device with which the pairing should be done must also have Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth headphones make use of this technology to establish a secure and wireless connection with mobiles, I pads, I pods, mp3 players, etc. without affecting the sound quality.

These headphones can be connected to multiple devices at a single time. This makes it very impressive to many music lovers.

If you are one among them and thinking about ways to reset your headphone for a new and a better experience, then this is a good place to start.

When Should You Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

If you think your Bluetooth headphones are not properly functioning and fail to deliver the promised lively music experience where the sound quality had drastically reduced, then you can consider resetting your headphones.

Your Bluetooth headphones might need a reset due to the following reasons-

-When there is a power surge that might have damaged the small and sensitive electronic components, and there is interference.

-When there is an improper pairing between the headphones and the audio device. It will lead to latency. Latency is when there is a delay in receiving the audio signal, especially while watching a video from the paired device, and it can be eliminated by resetting your headphones.

-When there is a sudden drop in the audio quality with too many distortions.

-When there is a volume dysfunction that is affecting your music experience.

What Happens When You Reset Your Headphones?

Resetting an electronic device means that you are trying to reboot the device by erasing its internal memory where all your previous settings would have been saved.

Resetting your headphones will reset all the device settings to default settings. This will ensure that your headphones are not malfunctioning due to your previous customized settings.

So, when you reset your Bluetooth headphones, all the previous settings will be erased from the internal memory, and your headphones will be rebooted, and all the settings will be set to default settings.

How To Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

If you find your Bluetooth headphones having problems mentioned earlier then resetting your headphones is an excellent and cheap option.

This reset function depends on the control options of your headphones and can be used to reset almost any model of headphones. If you have to reset your Bluetooth headphones, then you might have to follow the given steps.

Look for the control options

You need to figure out the control options in your Bluetooth headphones. This will help you to identify the proper resetting pattern for your headphones.

Most of the wireless headphones have very few control options like power and volume toggles.

However, few wireless headphones may have additional control options like play, stop, answer your phone calls, etc. Once you figure those toggles, resetting your headphones becomes an easy task.

Turning off your headphones

Once you identify the control options, turn off your headphones. Most of the wireless headphones can be turned off by simply long-pressing the power button.

Resetting your headphones based on control buttons

Your headphones can be reset by simultaneously pressing the control options by using a combination of different buttons. Now, let’s lookout for ways to reset your headphones based on the available control options.

1 – Control option – Only Power Button

If your wireless headphones have only the power toggle as your control option, then resetting your headphones can be done in an instant by pressing the power button for 10 to 15 seconds.

This will reset your headphones.

Turn on the headphones and check for the default settings. This ensures that your headphones are reset and start enjoying good quality music.

2 – Control Option – Power Button with Volume Toggle

If you find your headphones are having control options for both the power and volume, then your headphones can be reset by simply holding the power button and the volume toggles, both +/- volume buttons at the same time for 15 seconds.

This will reset your headphones.

Turn on your headphones after some time and check for the default settings.

Once the customized settings are changed to default settings, then you have reset your wireless headphones successfully.

3 – Control Option – Volume Toggle with Power And Call Button

If your headphones have volume toggles along with a power and a call button, then you might have to reset your headphones by pressing the combination of volume and call or call and volume or call and power and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.

This will reset your Bluetooth headphones to its original settings. Now, turn on your headphones and play the sample audio to check if the headphones are working at an optimized level.

4 – Control Option: Play/Pause Button With Power Control

When your headphones have play/pause control buttons with a power button press those buttons simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds.

If your headphones also have a volume toggle, then you will have to press the combination of power and play/pause, and volume toggles to reset your headphones.

Some headphones can also be reset by pressing volume and play/pause buttons. After some time, turn on your headphones and check for the default settings.


Once the resetting of your headphones is done, you must turn on your headphones and pair them once again with the audio device. Turn on the Bluetooth technology of your audio device which might be your mobile phone, Tablet or an Mp3 player.

Search for the name of your headphones and pair it with your audio device by clicking on the name of it. The audio device will ask for your consent and click on agree and start enjoying unlimited music!




[Step-by-Step] How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones With PC?

Since their debut in 2004, Bluetooth headphones have revolutionized the way we listen to music. They have helped us get rid of the cumbersome and fickle nature of the wired-headphones since they do not have any external connecting wires.

Wait! No Wire? Then how do we connect it to a computer? That is where one of the best wireless connectivity technology makes its entry and is called Bluetooth!

Bluetooth is nothing but a short-range wireless connection technology that allows two electronic devices to communicate in the frequency range of 2.400 to 2.485 GHz.

But how do we establish such a complicated connection between our PC and the headphone? The technology may sound complicated, but connecting two devices via Bluetooth as simple as eating a pie.

This article will provide a step-by-step explanation on how to connect a Bluetooth headphone to your PC.

Obviously, the most basic requirement for establishing a Bluetooth connection between two devices is the presence of Bluetooth in both the devices.

However, if your PC or laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, you just have to buy a Bluetooth dongle and connect it to the computer. You can easily connect a Bluetooth dongle to your computer by plugging the dongle to one of the USB ports.

Here are some of the inexpensive, but very effective Bluetooth dongles:

  1. Bluetooth Adapter V4.0 CSR
  2. FONKEN Mini BT5.0

Windows 10 PCs

Step 1

The first step is to put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode. To do this, hold the power button in the headphone until you see quick blinking lights or a flashing blue and red light.

Some headphones have voice prompts; hence, they will tell you when it is in pair mode. For example, BOAT Rockerz 400 utters, “Power On! You plugged into nirvana”.

Step 2

After you enable the pairing mode in your headphone, you can go straight to your PC. Switch on the Bluetooth in your PC.

This can be done by clicking on the “notification” icon on the bottom right corner of the PC.

Find the “Bluetooth,” right-click over it and click on “Go to Settings.”

Alternatively, the “Bluetooth” menu can be found by clicking on the “Start” button.

The start button should be available on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Click on the “Start” button, type “Bluetooth” and then, click on “Bluetooth and other devices settings.

Step 3

Turn on the Bluetooth, and click over “Add Bluetooth or other devices” on the top. This should help you to add a Bluetooth device; in this case, it is the headphone.

In “Add a device” pop-up window click on “Bluetooth.” This allows your PC to discover any Bluetooth device in the vicinity.

Step 4

Once your PC displays the name of your Bluetooth headphone, click on that.

In no time, your PC will be connected to the headphone. Then click on “Done”.

If you are still not able to connect your headphones to the computer, you need to make sure that your headphone is in pair mode when you are trying you establish a connection with the PC.

Windows 7 PCs

As seen earlier, it is quite easy to connect a headphone and a Windows 10 computer via Bluetooth. In contrast, in the case of Windows 7, this might not be very easy.

Many people find Windows 7 dated and difficult in this aspect. Nevertheless, but if you follow the below steps it will be a piece of cake.

Step 1

Switch on the headphone and enable its Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 2

Now, go to the Bluetooth section on your computer and select “Add a device.” This will bring a pop-up screen searching for nearby devices.

Step 3

Once Bluetooth discovers your headphones, select it and press “Next.” Now, Windows will start installing the drivers for the device.

However, the connection will fail, as Windows cannot find the proper drivers since it is an old and dated OS.

Step 4

To solve this problem, we need to install the Bluetooth driver manually. Before doing that, it is recommended to uninstall any previously existing Bluetooth drivers.

Step 5

Click on the following link to download the required driver files…

Step 6

After downloading, open the file and double click on the installation file.

Step 7

Once the drivers are installed, restart the computer. Then, try connecting your computer to the headphone via Bluetooth. Now, it will connect without any problem.

The software is downloaded from the official Acer website. Hence, you need not worry about its credentials.

MacBook Or iMac

Connecting a Bluetooth headphone to a MacBook or iMac follows the same procedure. Here are the steps that should be followed to get the job done.

Step 1

Reach the top left corner of the screen and click on the apple logo.

Step 2

Then, click on “System Preferences.

Step 3

A pop-up window opens, find the “Bluetooth” icon and click on it. This will take you to the Bluetooth settings.

Step 4

Turn on the Bluetooth. Now, leave the computer and move to the headphone.

Step 5

To turn on the headphone, press the power button until power indicator flashes.

Then, to enable the Bluetooth connectivity, press on the button corresponding to Bluetooth as mentioned in the user manual. Now, the headphone is ready for pairing with your computer.

Step 6

Go back to the computer and find the name of the headphone in the pop-up window. Then, click on the “Connect” option beside it.

The headphones will connect to the computer immediately. Once it is connected, you can close the window and start listening to music, movies, etc.

To reconnect your headphone to the MacBook, just make sure Bluetooth connectivity is enabled in both the devices and they will connect automatically.

Once we learn how to connect our headphones and computer via Bluetooth, we are in for wire-free and hassle-free entertainment. No more bother with tangled wires, and restricted movements while using the headphone.

We hope this article helps you connect your PC and Bluetooth headphones without difficulty. Let us know what you think in feedback!



[Step-by-Step] How To Use Apple Headphones As A Mic On PC?

The reason why you are facing this problem-

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer Inc, is an American Multinational Company. Apple is a leader in premium consumer electronics.

It produces well designed and sophisticated mobile phones, headphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, smartwatches, and portable media players.

Apple uses its own operating systems like macOS, iOS, etc. for these devices to operate efficiently. Apple also manufactures customized accessories like air pods, earbuds, and headphones for their MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Because of this, Apple is thought to be more of a closed system where only Mac devices and its own products are compatible with one another.

This makes it almost impossible to connect any Apple hardware with other devices that run on different operating systems like Windows, LINUX and UNIX.

So, most of its hardware is incompatible with PCs from HP, Dell or Asus that usually runs on Windows.

But, a growing number of consumer electronics manufacturers are designing and manufacturing products that work with Mac devices and operating systems these days.

Some of the Apple hardware can be easily configured to run on these devices hassle-free. You need not be tech-savvy to do this.

If you are wondering how to use your Apple headphones as a microphone on PC, then this is a good place to start.

Please follow the steps below to make your Apple headphones work on your PC as a mic.

Steps To Configure Apple Headphones as Mic On PC

1 – Identifying The Port

Headphones usually help us listen to the audio output from the system while the microphone is the audio input device to the sound systems.

Both act as a medium of communication between the user and the computer system. Here, we are going to use headphones as a mic; hence, it is important to identify the slots for headphones and the mic.

Some older PCs might have only one slot for both the headphones and mic. But these days, almost every PC has separate slots for headphones and mic.

Identify the ports so that you will be able to connect your headphones in the mic port. If you are not able to find the mic port on your PC, look it up in the user manual or watch videos about your PC and identify them.

Do not connect it in the Headphones slot. This is the most important part.

Identifying the slots and plugging the headphones in the mic slot instead of the headphones slot is the first step.

2 – Launch Control Panel

The next step is launching the control panel.

– After connecting your headphones in the mic port, go to the start menu.

– Open the control panel. It can be done in different ways.

1 – By clicking on the windows icon and typing the control panel in the search dialog box if it is a Windows 7 OS.

2 – By simply typing “Control panel” in the search dialog box in case of windows 10.

3 – By using Control command in the Run dialog box. The run dialog box can be opened by pressing Windows + R. Type control, and it will launch the control panel.

4 – You can also open the Control panel from the Settings app. Go to the windows settings by either clicking on the windows icon and search for settings app by scrolling down. Click on it and type the control panel in the settings search dialog box.

This is the second step.

3 – Manage Audio Devices

– After opening the control panel, identify the search box of the control panel at the right top corner of your desktop.

– In the search box, type “manage devices”.

– Now, click on the manage audio devices under the sound category. This opens the settings for sound devices. Sound settings dialog box appears.

This is the third step.

4 – Default Device Settings

– Now, in the sound settings dialog box click on the recording tab. you will be asked to select a recording device to modify its settings.

– Microphone array will appear as a default high definition audio device in that sound settings dialog box. Click on it, and another dialog box will open. This dialog box allows us to modify the microphone array properties.

– Enable it as a default device.

This is the fourth step.

5- Enabling As Default Device

– To enable it as a default device, click on the General tab and you can see device usage option.

– Under the drop-down list box, select the Use this device (enable) option. Make sure to do this properly so that you don’t have any problem with configuring your headphones to use them as microphones.

– This will set the device as the default one.

This is the fifth step

6 – Identify Your Device

You can also change the icon as well as the name of your icon to anything you want. Just type in the name of the icon under the general tab and click on the change icon to change the icon.

7 – How Find Microphone Boost In Your Sound Settings?

You can use the level tab in the microphone array settings dialog box to change the boost level of your microphone to make it work efficiently to capture the sound input.

– Go to the level tab and click on it.

– Under the level tab, you have two different options. One is the microphone array, and the other is the microphone boost.

– Optimize the microphone boost by changing it to +20 dB. This boost will help you record clearly even if your sound levels are low.

8 – Voice Check And You Are Ready!

Complete the process with a voice check and confirm the headphones are configured properly and working fine as a mic.


This will work for almost all the PCs that have separate slots for both the microphone and the headphones. If there is only one slot, then you have to use the headphones as default for both recording and headphones.

This is the simplest way to configure your Apple headphones and use it as a default microphone on your PC.




[Guide] Is It Illegal To Wear Headphones While Driving?

Listening to the radio and music while driving has become a ritual and tradition over the years that many drivers tend to follow.

With modern-day advancements, people now have the option to catch up on podcasts, audiobooks and more.

This practice makes your driving experience more entertaining, which might help avoid sleep in some cases.

Most audio systems in the majority of vehicles feature techniques that help incorporate ambient sounds into your overall audio experience.

This feature helps ensure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times and can easily hear approaching cars and horns on the road.

People that love music or love keeping themselves entertained often resort to headphones for a more vibrant and captivating audio experience.

Although headphones give a more personal audio consumption experience, they also block out ambient noise.

Blocking out ambient noise is very dangerous to your and others’ lives when you are driving on the road. Furthermore, most accidents caused on the road are due to driver distractions.

Headphones can easily cause you to get distracted as most podcasts and audiobooks are designed to engross the reader and take their mind on a journey.

Hence wearing headphones has been made illegal in a lot of states. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why people tend to choose headphones while driving.

Why Do People drive With Headphones?

Why Do People drive With Headphones?

Headphones are a great way of listening to audio when you are in public. They help isolate ambient noise which results in a much richer music experience.

Headphones also require less power to produce the same audio quality as a large music system.

This feature makes it affordable for many users to enjoy high-quality audio at a fraction of its price.

Furthermore, headphones are also a great way of creating some personal space when you are in public.

It helps you calm down and concentrate, which is another excellent feature for many people.

All of these benefits combined make headphones the go-to audio consumption choice for most users.

Is Wearing Headphones While Driving Illegal?

The UK does not have any specific law that prohibits the use of any sound-emitting device while driving.

This means that technically you cannot be fined or penalized for wearing headphones in the UK. But, there is a catch.

Most policemen in the UK are given the authority to penalize and even arrest drivers that are driving on the road with distractions. These distractions can range from phone calls to loud music and even watching videos/movies while driving.

Authorities have been known to fine and arrest such drivers in the past. Hence, you should definitely avoid doing so.

Moreover, most motorways in the UK follow the Highway Code of Law that has been established by the government.

The Highway Code, rule 148 specifically dictates that the rider and passenger have an unwavering concentration on the road.

Anything that distracts you or interferes with your concentration is a potential threat to your safety as well as the safety of others.

Hence, the government can easily fine you if you are found to be in violation of this code. Furthermore, this code not only applies to gadgets and services that might distract you but also people that might interfere with your ability to drive which can cause major accidents.

What Attracts A Fine?

Where Is It Legal To Use Headphones While Driving?

As there is no specific law dictating the use of headphones while driving, most policemen and women still monitor drivers on the basis of the Highway Code, rule 148.

This means that if any authority finds you distracted due to the headphones in your ear, then you could be heavily fined depending on the severity of your crime.

Just like driving with flip-flops on is considered a criminal offense in the UK, driving with headphones attracts the same amount of scrutiny. Flip-flops are not ideal for driving.

This is because they are known to get stuck in the foot pedals which has caused accidents in the past. Similarly, if the loud music in your headphones is deterring you from the road then you will be considered as a potential threat to yourself as well as others.

And if by chance there is an accident that you are involved in while wearing headphones, then you will definitely be the one who will be considered at fault.

Beware of Hefty Fines

If your offense is not that severe then you could be fined a £100 on the spot. Also, 3 penalty points will be added on your license for wearing headphones while driving.

On the other hand, if you are involved in a more serious incident, then you could face a fine of up to £5000. In addition, you will also get 9 penalty points on your license.

Additionally, based on the severity of your crime, the court could also impose an indefinite driving ban on you. This will take away your driving privileges.

You will then have to follow up with the court to get the ban lifted after a few years.

Even if you are looking at your phone while sitting in your car that is running, you could be slapped with a fine.

Be it browsing the web, or changing your tunes, if you are found to be distracted by your phone while the engine of your car is running, you could be fined up to £200 for using a handheld device.

Despite having no law specific to driving with headphones, the UK has ample measures in place to ensure your safety as well as the safety of its citizens.

If you do not want hefty fines and your license to be suspended then it might be a good idea to avoid headphones altogether while driving.

Why Should You Not Drive While Using Headphones?

Why Should You Not Drive While Using Headphones?


The majority of vehicular accidents in modern-day freeways occur due to driver distractions.

Most distractions are caused when your mind is trying to focus somewhere else.

This lack of concentration can put you as well as other people’s lives in danger.

Headphones and other Bluetooth devices that claim to be hands-free are essentially another pieces of distraction that can cause accidents.

They are used to play music, podcasts or audiobooks. This type of content is developed to engross and capture the listener’s mind, which can result in a disaster if you are driving.

Hence you should proceed with extreme caution when using headphones while driving and avoid them altogether if they are not necessary.

All in all, driving with your headphones on is a pretty dangerous exercise that puts your life and other people’s lives at risk.

Many state governments have realized this threat and developed adequate laws to minimize accidents.

You should adhere to these laws and stick to your in-car radio if you want some entertainment.

What did you think about our guide? Did we miss out on something? Let us know in the comments section below.


Raycon E50 Review

Raycon E50 Review

While many people may think that earbuds are basic devices, in reality, they are not; they can have a variety of features and can do many different things. They need good battery life, and their sound performance has to be clear and loud. What else do we want to mention in our Raycon E50 review?

The Raycon E50 is one of the best wireless headphones you can buy. They have an excellent sound profile; they are comfortable to use, and are built well.

These may seem like standard features of entry-level earbuds, but they are much more than that.

Design and Style

Their design is basic yet elegant, which is ideal for a pair of truly wireless headphones. They do, however, have a finish that is a bit on the glossy side, which gives them a cheap feel, and also makes them prone to fingerprint marks.

They are very portable and well-built, which makes them easy to carry around, and useful for traveling as well. Besides that they also have quite good accent colors; they are available in blue, black, gold, and white. In most cases, apart from the white one, the outside casing is black in color.

An R logo is on each of the earpieces, which is an analog touch interface. There are a few tapping patterns that can be learned by the user to access the commands that are available to them.

When you have memorized the tapping patterns for the commands, you can manage the earbuds quite easily and can answer phone calls, hang up, pause and play your music, turn the earbuds on and off, and more.

Additionally, these earbuds are waterproof, and even though the rating is a bit on the lower end, it is still quite useful. This makes them ideal for outdoor use like for hiking, running, or working out.

However, it is not advisable to wear them in the shower or to directly immerse them in water.

Comfort Level

The Raycon E50 earbuds are quite comfortable to use, even if you are wearing them for an extended period of time. They do not directly enter your ear canal, and are also very lightweight.

Many people, however, may feel a bit of discomfort due to the rigid stability fin when these earbuds are in use for a long time. There are six different types of silicone gel tips that are quite ergonomic as compared to the standard ones, which is due to the orientation of the gel.

When there are some good features, there may be some tradeoffs as well. The gel, which makes the earbuds helpful and soft, makes them not so long-lasting at the same time; this is because the gel tips will disfigure and warp over time.

They would need to be replaced more than the regular ones. Similar to many other in-ear headphones, they are also quite breathable, and no heat is trapped inside the ear. This makes them the best workout headphones, since you will not sweat more with these in your ear.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

These earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, which means you can connect till 30ft, which is a reasonable distance for a connection. This, however, indicates that you will not be able to get the benefits that are associated with the sync that exists between each earbud.

When it comes to the soundscape, it is quite reasonable. The bass tones or treble are not very high or loud, and you can even use the equalizer to adjust the audio sound if you like.

The noise cancellation in these earbuds is not so high, and it does not isolate the bass. They are useful for mid-range noises, such as ambient noise or chatter that is usually present in public places, and can be used in the office as well.

They are useful in blocking out the treble frequencies.

When it comes to the battery power, with one charge, each earbud can go on for at least five hours. If the case is added as well (which makes use of a 750mAh battery), there can be a further addition of twenty hours in the battery life.

This means that you will get twenty-five hours, which is quite good since the playtime is similar to what you would get with wireless headphones that are over the ear.

They are also very portable since they can fit in your pocket, and there is also a charging case included, which is small and can be used during traveling.

Quality and Stability

These earbuds are built very decently for a pair of wireless headphones. Not only are they dense and compact, but they can also survive accidental drops while not enduring much damage.

However, their glossy finish makes them look cheap, and makes their surface look dirty very quickly. They are, however, very solidly made of a good quality material, and are also water-resistant.

The Raycon E50 earbuds are very stable, as well. This is because of the physical fins that they have. These earbuds are quite useful for all kinds of physical activities, since they do not move with your head.

There is only one size available, and if it does not fit you, you will have no other size options to choose from.


  • Type: In-ear
  • Enclosure: Closed-back
  • Truly Wireless
  • No Noise Cancellation
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Weight: 0.02 lbs
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Multi-device pairing: No


  • They’re highly comfortable,
  • They are equipped with various tip options,
  • They’re well constructed and long-lasting.


  • The microphone is not made of good quality,
  • Noise isolation could have been better,
  • The battery life is short,
  • The bass is quite heavy.


These earbuds, the Raycon E50, are good for mixed usage. They have a sound profile which is not just boomy, but is also dark.

This is well-suited for heavy bass genres, and is not very useful for critical listeners. These earbuds do not even cancel the ambient noise either.

However, they are comfortable and breathable as well as portable and compact, which makes them a good choice for long-term and outdoor use.

Best Headphones on Display

Top 10 Best Headphones of the Year

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your music-loving family member or friend? With the holiday season coming up and gift buying tensions rising, you may want to know which are the best headphones that are available this year.

Headphones are an ideal gift for the family music lover because they are affordable (so they will not break your bank), and they are loved by all music lovers (so there is no going wrong with it).

Headphones are an amazing gift, even if you are buying them for yourself!

Before you go along buying the first pair of headphones you find, you need to conduct an appropriate amount of research. You may not know music like your music-loving loved one, but you can certainly try to find them the best thing available in the market.

The research will help you understand headphones better and know what you are looking for. You will not have to look through infinite options and read through countless incomprehensible descriptions.

What Should You Be Looking For when you’re looking for the best headphones on the market?

Buying a pair of headphones for gaming may seem like a simple task to most people; however, it is a pretty daunting task. If you get the wrong pair of headphones, they will probably go to waste because they may not provide the best quality of sound.

In addition, there are many headphones that are being sold nowadays that work for a couple of days, but break or deteriorate after a certain amount of time has passed.

One of the first things you should be looking at is how compatible the headphones are with the phone or device with which you are aiming to use them.

There are certain headphones that provide better sound when being used with android devices and others that provide higher quality when being used with Apple devices. There are even headphones that are universally compatible, and they are generally the preferred ones for buyers.

Another important aspect that you need to look at is the style and design of the headphones. The style includes the color and shape of the headphones.

The size is also very important because some people may want their ears to be completely covered by their headphones, while others may not. You should also see how comfortable the headphones are, as this will enhance your sound experience.

One of the most crucial aspects that you need to consider is how the headphones connect to the device. Headphones can connect using a direct cord, an AUX cable or even Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is one of the most desirable features in headphones nowadays because having headphones with Bluetooth compatibility means you will not have to carry around a wire, and you will not have to worry about the cord fraying.

However, not all devices have Bluetooth compatibility and Bluetooth is well known for sucking the life out of your device’s battery. Headphones that use AUX cables are also great because the AUX cable can be easily replaced, and they are widely available.

In addition, you should know in advance if you are looking for something that is strictly branded and not for headphones that are off-brand. While headphones made by big companies are generally known for being high quality, they are also very expensive.

Headphones from other companies are generally of the same quality, but they will definitely be more affordable and much more accessible to the general population.

Finally, you need to check whether or not the headphones provide noise cancellation. This completely depends on your personal preference, but noise cancellation headphones are said to put your music and sound experience to a completely new level.

Noise cancellation may not be preferred by some people and this is because such people generally believe that noise cancellation prevents them from knowing what is going on in their surroundings.

However, it is important to note that most headphones have noise cancellation qualities and you may have to compromise to some extent on the percentage of noise cancellation a product provides.

These essential considerations will help you make an informed decision about the headphones you buy and the quality you should be looking for yourself.

They will also help you keep your priorities straight and avoid spending too much on a pair of headphones that do not have what you want in the first place.

The following are some of the best headphones that are currently available in the market, with over 4-star reviews:

10. Sonitum On Ear Headphones with Microphone

Best Headphones
Sonitum On Ear Headphones with Microphone

These headphones are some of the cheapest pairs you will find in the market as they only cost $16.97. They are ideal for anyone looking for a classic pair that does not have too many embellishments and provides maximum comfort with a sleek style. They are only available in a single color (black), but the simple design is quite stylish.

These headphones are well known for their noise cancellation qualities; however, they only cancel about 85% of external noise. Nonetheless, you can completely immerse yourself in the high-quality sound experience these headphones provide. Whether you are listening to music, an audiobook, attending a phone call, or want to cancel out background noise, these headphones will ensure you remain undisturbed. The soft cushion of the earpieces enhances sound quality and experience and they allow for a maximization of comfort when being worn. With the amount of comfort this pair of headphones provide, you will not want to take them off!

The downside to these headphones is that they use a cord to connect to your device. The cord is directly connected to the headset, so if you do not take care of it, the cord may be damaged, and this may affect your sound experience. Moreover, you will have to carry the wired headphones around, which may not be convenient for people who are not used to carrying a bag (but you can wear them around your neck as an unintended fashion statement).

However, the cord is made of strong and durable nylon, which is guaranteed to not tangle (so it will not be too difficult to handle). Also, the cord has a small piece which functions as a microphone (for those times you find yourself listening to music when someone suddenly calls you or when you need to send a voice note to someone); it can allow you to answer and hang up on phone calls, and you can use it to play and pause music without having to touch your phone or device.


  • Very affordable,
  • Noise-canceling,
  • Comfortable,
  • No tangle cord,
  • Has a built-in microphone,
  • Allows for easy phone call answering and hanging up,
  • Push play and pause for music.


  • Only available in one color,
  • May not be convenient to carry around,
  • Has an attached cord which may be difficult to fix if the cord frays,
  • The size of the earpieces is smaller than the average.

9. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

While this set of headphones may be one of the most expensive ones on this list, they provide a lot of value for their $59.99 price point. These Bluetooth enabled headphones are some of the best ones currently available because they provide you with everything you would want in your ideal set of headphones. They are by far the best Bluetooth headphones under $300 as they have a great sound quality and many other incredible features, including a built-in microphone and 30 hours of battery life.

These headphones are quite stylish and they are available in six different colors, including red, black, white, purple, green and blue. They are also very convenient to carry, as they do not have any attached cords that would make them heavier than necessary. The earpads are very comfortable and lightweight so that you can wear them for longer without any irritation. The earpads can also swivel 90 degrees, making them easy to store and carry.

These headphones are also well known for the bass response they provide, which further enhances the quality of the sounds you listen to while using them. The noise cancellation is another ideal part of these headphones because they provide a brilliant isolated sound experience. You can also take advantage of the built-in microphone, which allows you to attend to calls completely hands-free. Another great feature is that these headphones use NFC technology to allow your Bluetooth connection to remain stable. The NFC pairing is facilitated by voice prompts, making the connection process faster and easier.

These headphones are loved by frequent flyers because of the amount of noise cancellation they provide. They are perfect to wear when you are in need of some sleep during a flight and want to drown out the noise of the airplane and the passengers around you. You can even put some white noise on for enhanced relaxation. They are also loved by public transport users who use the headphones to cancel the noise of the environment around them.


  • Bluetooth compatibility,
  • Available in six colors,
  • Stylish and modern design,
  • Includes a built-in microphone,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Comfortable ear pads,
  • NFC technology for easy connectivity to devices
  • 30 hours of battery life and playtime,
  • Very easy to store and carry,
  • Very lightweight,
  • Earpads can swivel up to 90 degrees.


  • May be expensive and out of budget for some,
  • The size may be too big to carry in a small backpack or suitcase.

8. Vogek On Ear Headphones

Best headphones
Vogek On Ear Headphones with Mic

The Vogek On-Ear headphones are some of the most lightweight headphones that are available in the market. They provide the user with extra cushioning with both the headpiece and the earpieces being cushioned. This particular set of headphones is available for only $14.99, making them highly affordable. Their simplistic and sleek design makes them ideal for anyone looking to buy the best budget headphones under $300.

These headphones are available in a wide range of colors, including red, black, white, gold, green, pink, blue, claret and navy. Thus, you are sure to find a color you will fall in love with and you will not have to settle for a simple, mainstream black color. Aside from the magnificent color variety, these headphones deliver a completely balanced sound and are compatible with any device as they have a tangle-free cord for connectivity. The size of the ear pads is also perfect for any ear size and they ensure the most comfort.

These are also foldable, which adds to the convenience of carrying them and storing them. They can easily fit into your backpack or suitcase as the earpieces fold into themselves. These headphones are perfect for any age and the ear pads can easily fit anyone. So, you can buy them for yourself, your children, parents or friends and they will easily fit them.

The cord of the headphones also has a built-in, high-quality microphone, which is perfect for making and receiving phone calls. However, the headphones do not provide volume control. In addtion, due to the fact that these headphones have a cord for connectivity, they may be a bit more difficult to store than Bluetooth headphones. If the cord frays, then your headphones will stop, working and they may not be easy to repair. If you take good care of them and store them properly, then it is less likely that the cord will fray.


  • Very affordable,
  • Highly comfortable as both the headband and ear pads are cushioned,
  • Available in nine different colors,
  • Includes a built-in microphone,
  • Tangle-free cord,
  • Earpads have a universal size (one size fits all),
  • Foldable and very easy to carry and store.
  • Balanced sound for perfect quality.


  • Cannot be used to control volume,
  • If the cord experiences internal problems, the headphones may stop working.

7. OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

This is a set of headphones that is beloved by DJs everywhere. This is because OneOdio has made the best closed back headphones under $300 available to date. These headphones only cost $32.99 (which may seem more expensive than the others on this list may, but they provide a great amount of value for your money). They are the perfect set of headphones to use in studios for mixing and monitoring music. They are often used by music producers and musicians when they are working in studios. This is due to the fact that these headphones provide an amazing sound experience with a strong bass and emphasis on vocals.

The earpads have a perfect size and they are cushioned with high-quality padding for maximized comfort. These headphones also provide the perfect level of noise cancellation, allowing you to isolate your sound and have an uninterrupted sound experience. The headband is also adjustable, which ensures that these headphones will fit you no matter what. The earpads can also swivel up to 90 degrees, making these headphones very convenient to store. The headphones can also fold up and come with a pouch for easy storage.

The headphones are adapter free and come with a detachable cable. The detachable cable makes these headphones easier to store and you can take extra care to ensure that the cable does not get any internal issues. However, even if the cable starts exhibiting problems, you can still buy a new cable and this ensures that your headphones have a longer life. In addition, these headphones are compatible with all devices, so you guaranteed connectivity no matter what.

On the downside, these headphones are only available in one color. In addition, they have a heavier concentration on providing a dynamic bass instead of a balanced sound (but this depends on your own preference).


  • Middle price range,
  • Great for sound mixing and monitoring,
  • Earpads are a great size and can fit all,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Adjustable headband,
  • Earpads can swivel up to 90 degrees,
  • Collapsible, so they are easy to store,
  • Come with a pouch for convenience in storing,
  • Adapter free,
  • Strong emphasis on bass and vocals (if that is what you prefer),
  • Detachable cable (so you can buy a new one in case it stops working).


  • Only available in one color,
  • Heavy concentration on the dynamic bass.

6. Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II

While the Bose SoundLink Wireless headphones are one of the most expensive ones on this list (costing up to $229), they provide a great amount of value for your money. This stylish set of headphones comes in two colors (black and white) and is the perfect set for someone looking for an affordable, high-quality pair that will connect with Bluetooth.

These headphones are guaranteed to last you longer because of the fact that they do not use wire for connectivity. They provide the user with clear and high-quality sound, which allows the user to have an immersive sound experience. They also provide the same quality for phone calls, which not all Bluetooth headphones provide. The headphones also provide noise cancellation.

The connection range of these headphones is up to 30 feet, which means you can leave your phone in another room and keep listening to your music, phone call, etc. while on the move around your house or office. Aside from this amazing range, these headphones have a long battery life of up to 15 hours and have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The headphones are very durable and provide maximum comfort as the ear pads are lined with comfortable cushioning. The headphones also come in a protective case, which they easily fold into. This allows for extreme convenience when having to store and carry the headphones around.

The best part is that these headphones have highly convenient and useful controls that are located on the earpieces. These controls allow the user to adjust the volume to their liking, switch between calls and music with ease and skip any songs you do not want to listen to. These controls are quite unique and not commonly found in such headphones (which is the reason for the price of these headphones being so high). The headphones are compatible with all devices, making them the perfect pair if you are looking for something that can be used on your laptop, tablet and phone.


  • Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Immersive sound experience,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Convenient controls,
  • Available with a case for easy storage,
  • Very comfortable,
  • Compatible with all devices,
  • Allows you to answer calls and switch between calls and music seamlessly,
  • 30 feet range,
  • Fifteen hours of battery life with a rechargeable battery.


  • Quite expensive so that it may be out of budget for many people,
  • Only available in two colors.

5. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

This pair of headphones is quite popular because of its affordability and quality. The Mpow 059 headphones only cost $36.99 but provide such unique quality that they have slowly risen to fame and popularity amongst headphone lovers. The stylish design is one of the most unique features as the headphones are available in eight bright and vivid colors, including red, deep black, green, black grey, blue, light silver, pink, and rose gold.

The most unique feature is that these headphones can be used with or without the wire. Without the wire, the headphones have a battery life of up to 20 hours, and 10 minutes of charging provides 2 hours of playtime or you can use the wire to connect to your device to ensure that the headphones never run out of battery. This is an ideal scenario because you can use the headphones without the wire and then switch to connecting with the wire when they run out of battery. Also, when using Bluetooth mode, the range of these headphones is 33 feet. Plus, these headphones are compatible with all devices that can connect via Bluetooth.

Another great part is that Mpow concentrates on providing the best sound quality possible. These particular speakers provide a stereo sound using a CSR chip and a 40mm neodymium drive. The earpads are lined with soft and comfortable cushions, which also cancel out all external noise, therefore enhancing your sound experience.

These headphones are also available with a built-in microphone in wireless mode. This microphone can aloe you to conveniently receive and hang up phone calls, change songs and control the volume of your device. The buttons for these controls are conveniently located on the earpieces of the headphones.

The ear cushions are made with memory protein, which provides comfort and stimulates your skin. The headband is also cushioned and can be adjusted to fit your head size. In addition, these headphones are collapsible and come with their own protective case for convenient storage and use.


  • Middle price range,
  • Collapsible design and available with a pouch for convenient storage,
  • Available in eight different colors,
  • Can be used with and without a wire,
  • Provide great sound quality,
  • Very comfortable,
  • Adjustable headband,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Includes a built-in microphone and other functions in wireless mode,
  • 33 feet range,
  • Compatible with all devices,
  • Twenty hours of battery life.


  • May be heftier than other headphones.

4. Elecder i39 Headphones

Elecder i39 Headphones with Microphone

These are by far the most affordable headphones on this list, as they only cost $9.99. They are available in eight different colors, including mint, black, blue, green, white, deep black, grey, and purple. The colors are all bright and quite unique. Aside from this, the headphones have a lightweight design and are most preferred by school going adolescents, office workers, or for use at home. They are not the most professionally ideal pair, but they are very nice for personal use.

The headphones provide amazing bass quality and use a 3.5 mm jack to connect to devices. The jack is also in an L shape, so depending on your preferences, this headphone set may be the one for you. However, the fact that it has a cord may be a disadvantage because such cords can deteriorate and eventually stop working.

The cord does not tangle wih itself, though, and this may make it easier to store and maintain in the long run. It is very durable and long and it is also suitable for all ages, even adolescents. The headphones themselves are easy to carry as they can fold, but they do not come with a case, which may make them unprotected. However, these headphones are very lightweight and that makes them easier to store and carry around.

The earpads of these headphones can fit ears of any sizes and they are very comfortable. The headband is also adjustable, making them ideal for anyone and everyone. This size customization is difficult to find in good quality and affordable headphones nowadays, so this pair of headphones is quite unique in that respect.

Other key features of these headphones include the in-line microphone (which allows you to answer and hang up on phone calls, make hands free phone calls and control your playlist. You can even have isolated sound experience with the noise cancellation these headphones provide with. All of these features add to the high-quality experience provided by these headphones.


  • Very affordable,
  • Available in eight unique colors,
  • No tangle cord,
  • Foldable design for convenient storage,
  • Durable design,
  • Cords made of cloth for ease in storage,
  • Earpads have a universal size,
  • Lightweight,
  • Adjustable headband,
  • Suitable for all ages,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • In-line microphone with multiple features.


  • Does not come with a protective case,
  • The L shaped jack may be inconvenient for some,
  • The cord may stop working over time if not taken care of.

Best headphones

3. PeohZarr On-Ear Headphones

Best headphones
PeohZarr On-Ear Headphones with Microphone

The PeohZarr on-ear headphones are one of the best headphones of the year because they are quite affordable, functional and stylish. They only cost $16.98 and provide a great amount of value within this price range. They are also quite sleek and stylish as the design includes a classic black and red color combination with soft square-shaped ear pads.

The headphones connect to devices using a headphone jack that is attached to a long tangle-free cord. The jack is L shaped and while this may seem old fashioned, many people still prefer it for its convenience. However, the rest of the design of the headphones is quite clever and unquestionable because the ear pads are large enough to provide anyone with amazing sound experience, and the headband is adjustable so that you can customize the fit to your liking.

The headphones have also been designed to maximize comfort, making your time wearing this pair as relaxed as possible. The headphones are perfect for daily commuters, your office life (if your office is okay with it), personal use, or even professional use. They can also be used by people of any age, including adolescents (who are often in search of high-quality sound providers).

The headphones provide a dynamic and rich bass and the perfect range. They also function for noise cancellation, allowing you to indulge in the high-quality sound being provided to you completely. Another convenient feature is the in-line microphone that allows you to receive and hang up calls, have hands free phone calls, control your tracks and pause or play videos and audio.

The best part is that these headphones are easy to store because they have a conveniently foldable design so that you can store them anywhere you want to. However, they do not come with a protective case, so you may have to take extra care when packing them or dedicate a special pocket to ensure zero damage.


  • Very affordable,
  • Sleek and different design,
  • Foldable, so it is easy to store and carry around,
  • Adjustable headband,
  • Earpads are large enough to fit any ear size,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Very comfortable,
  • Provide great focus on bass,
  • Multi-functional in-line microphone.


  • Only available in one color,
  • The L shaped jack is old fashioned and not preferred by most people,
  • Does not come with a protective case,
  • The cord may stop working if it is not taken care of properly.

Best headphones

2. Letscom Wireless Headphones

Letscom Wireless Headphones Over Ear with 3 EQ Sound Modes

Letscom has provided with one of the best headphones of the year and they only cost $29.98. While these headphones are only available in a single color and design, they provide many different features that are unique and ensure that you get the high-quality sound experience you would want from a pair of headphones.

These headphones use Bluetooth for connectivity to any and all Bluetooth enabled devices and this ensures that you do not have to go through the trouble of taking care of an unwanted cord. This adds to the convenience of these headphones and also makes it easier to store.

Letscom wanted to ensure superior sound quality and provided users with three different EQ modes that they can use to amplify their listening experience for different genres of music (like dance, pop, etc.). These modes enhance the sound and set your headphones so that the sound is optimal for the music genre. It also provides hi-fi stereo sound, which ensures that your listening experience is of top quality.

These headphones have a very long battery life of 45 hours, which is unlike any of the other headphones mentioned above. Charging these headphones is also convenient because all you need is a USB port, which is commonly available nowadays.

Other features include comfortable ear pads, an adjustable headband (so that you can customize the fit for your specified needs), and 90 degrees swiveling of the ear pads. These three features add to the comfort of your listening experience. These headphones also provide noise cancellation, so you can truly immerse yourself in the sound quality of the headphones.

These headphones also have a foldable design, which makes them very convenient to carry around and store. However, they do not come with a protective case, so you should make room in a separate pocket for these headphones if you do not want to damage them.


  • Middle price range,
  • Comfortable,
  • Adjustable headband,
  • Foldable design,
  • Noise cancellation,
  • Very long battery life,
  • Only require USB port for charging,
  • Earpads have a 90-degree swivel,
  • Bluetooth used for connectivity,
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device,
  • Provides 3 EQ modes,
  • Hi-fi stereo sound.


  • Only available in one color,
  • It does not come with a protective case.

Best headphones

1. COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones

The top headphones on this list are the COWIN SE7 active noise cancellation headphones. This is the second time Cowin is being featured on this list because of how considerate they are about their customers when they design their headphones. These particular headphones are quite expensive with a price tag of $119.99, but they are definitely worth the price because of the numerous qualities and features they provide.

These headphones use Bluetooth to connect to any device and maintain a stable connection throughout usage. The headphones also have an in-built microphone that can allow you to answer calls hands-free.

The most unique part about these headphones is that they provide you with an ANC mode, which means they use ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology that you can switch on and off whenever you would like. In ANC and Bluetooth mode, these headphones can provide you with 30 hours of battery life and in only Bluetooth mode, you can get 50 hours of playtime. However, there is also a built-in battery that can act as your safety net on longer trips and commutes.

These headphones are available in six different colors, including black, purple, white, dark green, gold, and wine. The design is also foldable, so these headphones are your perfect travel companion and can be conveniently stored away.

The best part is that these headphones provide the best sound quality out of any of the headphones listed as they use AptX technology to ensure that you are highly satisfied with your sound experience every time. AptX hi-fi technology ensures less latency, better fault tolerance and a rich and strong sound. These qualities ensure that your sound experience will remain ideal and as smooth as possible.

This particular set of headphones is a great travel partner and is ideal for people in search of the perfect sound.


  • Provides value for your money (so it is worth the investment),
  • Foldable design,
  • Available in six colors,
  • Heavy-duty,
  • Provides with noise cancellation that can be turned on and off,
  • Very long battery life,
  • Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth enabling,
  • High-quality sound,
  • In-built microphone for phone calls,
  • Ideal for traveling.


  • May not be very affordable,
  • It does not come with a protective case.

Best headphones

Final Thoughts

Buying a good set of headphones may seem like an extreme hassle because of the infinite number of options available these days. However, if you know what you want in your ideal set, the entire process becomes ten times easier. This is why it is essential to do some research before you go into buying yourself headphones. Plus, the research will aid you in understanding what your options are and what your budget should be.

Buying a set of headphones is purely based on your own preferences or the preferences of the person you are buying them for. Some people like a good quality bass, while others look for lightweight headphones, they can carry to school. Your preference should be your main guide when you research the different options that are available.

Those mentioned on the list above are the best headphones that are currently available and they are by far some of the most affordable ones as well. The headphones, as mentioned earlier, are ideal for gifting or buying for yourself because they ensure you obtain the highest quality, and you can even look at the different features and buy the set that is most suitable for you or your loved one.

Thus, before you think about buying a set, take a look at this comprehensive list, and maybe you’ll find something that you think suits your needs. Nonetheless, this list will help you narrow down the features that you are looking for in your ideal set of headphones.

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Headphones are useful in many ways since they have a lot of applications and can be utilized not just for gaming but for other purposes also.

The open-back headphones, which you buy for your gaming, can also be used in your office for making calls when you cannot engage your hands.

It can help enhance your productivity. Five of the best selling and the most useful headphones are reviewed below, which are designed to give the user a unique experience.

  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones
Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming
beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

These headphones will provide you with a fantastic audio experience due to its excellent bass and treble sounds, which offer the utmost clarity of sound.

It is ideal for professional mixing as well as for gaming. It is also useful for editing, listening, or mastering your song in your home studio.

It has replaceable parts, such as replaceable valor, and gives the user comfort and ease.

These headphones are highly durable and can be used for gaming since they last longer, being made out of hardwearing material.

The artistry on these headphones is robust, and the construction is of good quality, and since the replaceable parts are available, this is another reason why it will last long.

Moreover, these headphones are quite versatile and can be used for many purposes and even for making calls during your gaming sessions.


  • They are very comfortable
  • The headphones are robust and durable
  • It provides high-quality sound
  • The price is affordable
  • The parts are replaceable and repairable


  • The Bluetooth is not enabled
  • There may be distortions under the heavy base
  • No noise isolation


These headphones are made of high-quality materials and provide durability, which is hard to find at this affordable price range.

The soft ear pads are replaceable and are equipped with steel headband, which is quite stable, yet lightweight.

  1. Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphones
Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System

These are one of the best headphones in the open-back range for gaming.

Similar to other types of headphones, which are open-back, these are also wired critical listening headphones and are made especially for a quiet room.

There are no powerful features such as a microphone, but they do provide a high audio sound, which will surely not disappoint you.

The sound they deliver is spacious and great for classical or jazz music.

Moreover, these headphones are well-built, made from good quality of materials, and that is why they are sturdy and long-lasting.

Even though they are strong and robust, they are also very comfortable, which is why they are ideal for use in long sessions.

These headphones, owing to so many great features and excellent quality, are also remarkably expensive as compared to other headphones in the same range.

A powerful amplifier is also required to drive these headphones so you can experience their full potential. When it comes to portability, they are not very friendly since they cannot fold to be more compact and make it tricky for transport.

They barely fit in a regular bag and takes up a lot of space.


  • They provide an excellent audio reproduction
  • They have a durable and sturdy build and quality.
  • The design is fantastic.
  • The headphones are comfortable even for an extended period.


  • They are designed to be used in a quiet room.
  • They are sensitive to ambient noise.
  • They are slightly heavy.
  • Price is towards a higher end.


Overall, if your priority is sound quality and delivery, then you should up your budget to buy these fantastic pair of headphones, which are hard to beat.

They are, however, not suitable for traveling or outdoor use because of their weight and portability. They are ideal to be used at home since they redesigned for an isolated, quiet room where you cannot be distracted by the ambient noise from the surroundings.

  1. HIFIMAN Ananda Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones
Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming
HIFIMAN Ananda Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones

If you are looking for impressive sound production in open-back headphones, which are cheaper than the average headphones, then these are the right choice.

The HIFIMAN Ananda headphones may not be as spacious as the Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones, but their audio quality and sound profile is excellent and cost much less.

They are built very well and are extremely comfortable to use since they have well-padded ear cups, suitable for all ear sizes.

Their sound is well balanced and has a natural soundage, which is ideal for all genres, from classical to EDM.

They, however, do not have similar quality control as other more expensive brands, and some customers have complained of certain manufacturing defects.

They do, however, function very well identical to the expensive ones.

These are not meant to be worn outdoors since they are bulky and not very comfortable to wear if you are walking around the house.

They are, however, quite useful for gaming, especially if you are looking for cheap headphones with excellent sound quality. They are ideal for listening to music as well, for almost all types of genres.

They also have a microphone for voice chats, but there are no customization options available, which most of the gaming headsets have.


  • Audio reproduction is excellent
  • They have a better headband than the edition X


Poor isolation by design

The ear cups are cumbersome and bulky


If you’re looking for well-built headphones that work very smoothly for uninterrupted use, then getting something from a more expensive brand would be advisable.

However, if you are looking for excellent sound quality at a reasonable price range, then HIFIMAN Ananda headphones are unique and will not disappoint you during your gaming sessions.

  1. AKG Pro Audio K612PRO, Black
Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming
AKG Pro Audio K612PRO

These are one of the best choices for gaming, as well as for audio listening. This is an open-back design, which has the Varimotion Diaphragm technology, which is patented.

It has various other useful features such as 120-ohm impedance along with a sound frequency, which is quite favorable of 12 Hz.

Another essential feature is that it has a lightweight design, and it weighs only 238 grams.

These headphones are highly professional since it provides fantastic sound and high-quality design. The open can backs are one of the main reasons the sound quality is superb, with top crisps, sound mids, and very clear bass.

The AKG Pro Audio K612PRO headphones are highly comfortable, thanks to the adjustable, or more like, self-adjusting headband. It also features large ear cups, and the velour pads are highly appealing.

Moreover, since it is lightweight, it adds to the comfort and value, making them highly efficient and portable to carry around. You can easily carry them in your backpack and also move around with them.

Furthermore, since they are made of sturdy and high-quality materials, they are long-lasting.


  • It provides a crisp and clear sound
  • It sounds great with almost all types of music
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • The bass is not too expansive


  • The size of the headphones is quite large
  • They do not have much bass


These headphones are made of exceptional quality and are very efficient for those who are into hardcore gaming since they are comfortable and durable.

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones
Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming
Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones

If you are looking for an amazing audio technical type and the best selling headphones, then these are one of the best in the market.

It has high-efficiency magnets along with top alloy magnetic circuit design, which is for making sure that there is no distortion of sound.

It also has a high-frequency response, and there is a carbon composite resin, which helps to improve the structural rigidity of these headphones.

Moreover, they are also acoustically transparent, having aluminum housing, which can provide a spacious and natural open-back sound.

There are other features, too, such as breathable ear pads, which ensures that the user is comfortable while using these headphones. It also has high wing support.

These headphones are also very lightweight, making it a convenient travel companion.

Furthermore, it has a lightweight design, a good quality construction along with a detachable and unique locking cable, which ensure audio clarity.


  • The design is lightweight
  • The sound is very clear
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is long-lasting


  • The fit is small
  • The earpads need frequent replacing


These Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back headphones are ideal for gaming since they provide clarity in audio and provide a high-quality sound.

They are not only comfortable to use but are also breathable, making it ideal for wearing them for an extended period.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of open-back headphones for gaming, but it all depends upon the user’s unique requirements. All of the headphones mentioned above have excellent sound quality and clarity, and some are more durable than others, which is also the case when it comes to the comfort level.

The above headphones are reviewed based on the comfort, audio sound, durability, and value for money features. For most people, the affordability and budget remain the deciding factor of which headphones to choose for their gaming.

Sony XB950N1 Review

Sony XB950N1 Review

In this Sony XB950N1 Review we’ll discuss The new sets of headphones that are designed by Sony for the bass lovers. The Sony XB950N1 headphones are wireless, through NFC and Bluetooth, and have noise cancellation, extra bass along with an attractive design.

These can be for all types of uses but are primarily geared for the bass lovers. For a decent price range, you get to have a great pair of headphones from one of the best brands, which has excellent features as well as a high comfort level and long battery life.

Design and Style

These headphones have a similar design, in fact, almost identical to the MDR-XB950B1. They are, however, a bit on the heavy side and have a button through which you can enable as well as disable the noise cancellation feature.

There is ample padding as well as a solid plastic and metal frame, which makes these headphones well built. They are a bit bulky, and the ear cups protrude slightly as they sway during any physical activity.

This means, even though these headphones are wireless, they are not suitable for use during outdoor sports or activities.

These headphones have a different color scheme, and the ear cups and the headband are padded very well and look quite high-endish.

The design of the headband is a mixture of the older Sony headphone version of MDR-ZX770BN and the new version WH-1000XM2.

They do have a look, which is premium but not very sleek as other Sony models.

Comfort Level and Controls

The Sony XB950N1 headphones are quite comfortable even though they do not have the best fit for large ears. These are heavier than the non-noise cancellation ones, but the headband and the ear cups are similar.

The comfort level is significant because if the headphones cause discomfort to the user, it can cause pain or soreness to the user and not provide them a pleasant listening experience. These headphones are well-padded and comfortable.

They are, however, not very breathable even though they do seal the ear quite well and do not get very hot either. However, because these are the over the ears headphones and have very thick padding, it will make you sweat more, primarily if you use them during exercising, this is why they are not suitable for sports or physical activities.

Their control scheme is also very efficient and has a button for enabling and disabling the noise cancellation feature. There are options for different controls available on the right ear cup, which includes options for playing, pausing, volume controls.

The left ear cup contains buttons for the bass effect and the noise cancellation ones.

These are NFC and Bluetooth enabled headphones and have a standard audio cable, but there is no option of pairing as a multi-device.

This means they are not compatible with consoles because there is no audio cable along with a microphone.

Portability, durability and battery life

The Sony XB950N1 headphones are portable. They have joints in the hinges through which they can fold into a compact design. The ear cups can also become flat, which comes in handy, but it does not help save much space.

These headphones are still problematic to carry around, even when they are folded, especially if you do not have a bag to put them in. They come in a pouch, which helps prevent them from getting scratched.

The pouch is made of basic cloth and, as such, does not help in shielding them from water damage or any impact from drops, etc.

Moreover, the headphones look well made and feel quite durable. There is sturdy metal in the headband and has a plastic frame, and the ear cups are dense.

These headphones can even withstand accidental falls and are durable enough that they will not get damaged, also if there are stretched a bit too much. However, the ear cups of these headphones are less resistant to drops and impacts, and they have a plastic feel to them.

Their battery life is better than their older version of MDR-XB950B1. It takes a bit longer to charge, but there are 24 hours of battery, which is good enough to last for your average listening session or even an entire day of heavy use.

Stability, Sound, and Microphone

Like mentioned earlier, these headphones are not very suitable for use during exercising or jogging. The weight and the size of the ear cups cause them to move a lot during any form of physical activity.

This can lead them to fall off, especially if you tilt your head too much, which is not the right choice for most sports or the gym. However, they are entirely wireless, which means for general listening sessions, they are excellent.

These headphones have an extended and deep bass, which has excellent imaging and an excellent mid-range. The treble, on the other hand, maybe a little weak and lacks brightness and details on lead and vocal instruments.

Due to this, these headphones may not be the best choice for those who prefer a well balanced and excellent audio reproduction. Moreover, since these headphones have noise cancellation, these are suitable for use in loud environments.

Their noise cancellation feature, however, is not very strong and may end up creating self-noise. However, if you play the music loud enough, you will be able to block out any outside noise that may distract you.

The microphone is quite mediocre. The speech, which is transmitted or recorded in quiet environments with this mic, may sound a bit thin and even slightly muffled and without much detail, but it will still be easy to understand.

However, if it is in a noisy environment, such as a busy street, it may be difficult to separate the speech from the background noise.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Enclosure: Closed-back
  • Wireless
  • Noise cancellation
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Total battery time: 24hours
  • Charge time: 3.9 hours
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable


  • These are durable and sturdy
  • It has reliable and efficient controls
  • The headphones are easy to use
  • They can deliver powerful bass
  • Great battery life


  • The noise cancellation is weak
  • The bass may be too intense for some people
  • The battery takes a long time to charge


These headphones are suitable for use for various purposes. They are pretty good for listening to music since they have bass-heavy sound quality.

They do have the noise cancellation feature, yet it is not very useful. However, they are sturdy and durable. They may not be the best choice for commuting or critical listening, but it does have robust features and suitable for most uses.