How to Reset Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones, commonly known as wireless headphones, can be connected with different electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players and PCs without the help of wired cords.

Wired headphones usually come with wired cords that must be plugged into the slots available in these devices for receiving as well as sending the audio signals.

But, with wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones, this need for plug and play is eliminated. It had killed the headphone jacks, and it is the future for audiophiles!

Bluetooth technology serves as an all-inclusive technology that can be used, to get any device pair with a different device; unlike the wired ones, where a specific slot with specific dimensions is mandatory.

It helps with the transfer of data too by using simple radio waves. It has a range of 32 feet and is not prone to interference.

Radio waves serve as a short-range communication medium between these devices. The only requirement is that the device with which the pairing should be done must also have Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth headphones make use of this technology to establish a secure and wireless connection with mobiles, I pads, I pods, mp3 players, etc. without affecting the sound quality.

These headphones can be connected to multiple devices at a single time. This makes it very impressive to many music lovers.

If you are one among them and thinking about ways to reset your headphone for a new and a better experience, then this is a good place to start.

When Should You Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

If you think your Bluetooth headphones are not properly functioning and fail to deliver the promised lively music experience where the sound quality had drastically reduced, then you can consider resetting your headphones.

Your Bluetooth headphones might need a reset due to the following reasons-

-When there is a power surge that might have damaged the small and sensitive electronic components, and there is interference.

-When there is an improper pairing between the headphones and the audio device. It will lead to latency. Latency is when there is a delay in receiving the audio signal, especially while watching a video from the paired device, and it can be eliminated by resetting your headphones.

-When there is a sudden drop in the audio quality with too many distortions.

-When there is a volume dysfunction that is affecting your music experience.

What Happens When You Reset Your Headphones?

Resetting an electronic device means that you are trying to reboot the device by erasing its internal memory where all your previous settings would have been saved.

Resetting your headphones will reset all the device settings to default settings. This will ensure that your headphones are not malfunctioning due to your previous customized settings.

So, when you reset your Bluetooth headphones, all the previous settings will be erased from the internal memory, and your headphones will be rebooted, and all the settings will be set to default settings.

How To Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

If you find your Bluetooth headphones having problems mentioned earlier then resetting your headphones is an excellent and cheap option.

This reset function depends on the control options of your headphones and can be used to reset almost any model of headphones. If you have to reset your Bluetooth headphones, then you might have to follow the given steps.

Look for the control options

You need to figure out the control options in your Bluetooth headphones. This will help you to identify the proper resetting pattern for your headphones.

Most of the wireless headphones have very few control options like power and volume toggles.

However, few wireless headphones may have additional control options like play, stop, answer your phone calls, etc. Once you figure those toggles, resetting your headphones becomes an easy task.

Turning off your headphones

Once you identify the control options, turn off your headphones. Most of the wireless headphones can be turned off by simply long-pressing the power button.

Resetting your headphones based on control buttons

Your headphones can be reset by simultaneously pressing the control options by using a combination of different buttons. Now, let’s lookout for ways to reset your headphones based on the available control options.

1 – Control option – Only Power Button

If your wireless headphones have only the power toggle as your control option, then resetting your headphones can be done in an instant by pressing the power button for 10 to 15 seconds.

This will reset your headphones.

Turn on the headphones and check for the default settings. This ensures that your headphones are reset and start enjoying good quality music.

2 – Control Option – Power Button with Volume Toggle

If you find your headphones are having control options for both the power and volume, then your headphones can be reset by simply holding the power button and the volume toggles, both +/- volume buttons at the same time for 15 seconds.

This will reset your headphones.

Turn on your headphones after some time and check for the default settings.

Once the customized settings are changed to default settings, then you have reset your wireless headphones successfully.

3 – Control Option – Volume Toggle with Power And Call Button

If your headphones have volume toggles along with a power and a call button, then you might have to reset your headphones by pressing the combination of volume and call or call and volume or call and power and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.

This will reset your Bluetooth headphones to its original settings. Now, turn on your headphones and play the sample audio to check if the headphones are working at an optimized level.

4 – Control Option: Play/Pause Button With Power Control

When your headphones have play/pause control buttons with a power button press those buttons simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds.

If your headphones also have a volume toggle, then you will have to press the combination of power and play/pause, and volume toggles to reset your headphones.

Some headphones can also be reset by pressing volume and play/pause buttons. After some time, turn on your headphones and check for the default settings.


Once the resetting of your headphones is done, you must turn on your headphones and pair them once again with the audio device. Turn on the Bluetooth technology of your audio device which might be your mobile phone, Tablet or an Mp3 player.

Search for the name of your headphones and pair it with your audio device by clicking on the name of it. The audio device will ask for your consent and click on agree and start enjoying unlimited music!




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