How To Pair Sony Bluetooth Headphones?

The Japanese technology giants, Sony, is considered as one of the best Bluetooth headphones producers in the world. Sony’s EXTRA BASS (XB series) headphones are leading sellers in the market.

The profound and powerful sound effects of Sony headphones make it a favorite for listening to Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Disco, and Death Metal genres of music.

Besides, compared to its expensive rivals, Sony provides high-quality wireless headphones at a significantly lower price.

The most important advantage of using Sony’s Bluetooth headphones is its ease of pairing/connecting with the source electronic device.

It takes only a couple of minutes, even for a person with no knowledge of electronic gadgets, to understand how to use these headphones. This article discusses the step-by-step approach to connect your Sony Bluetooth headphones to various source devices in an instant.

Android Mobile Phones

Let us start with Android mobile phones because they are the most widely used electronic devices around the world.

Although many mobile phone manufacturers modify the original Android OS according to their preferences, all of them work on the same basis.

Thus, connecting a Bluetooth headphone to an Android phone should be similar, regardless of who the manufacturer is.

Here are the steps that you should follow to pair your Android device and Sony Bluetooth headphones-

Step 1

The first step is to switch on the Bluetooth on your phone. This can be done by pulling the “drop-down menu” of your phone and tapping on the “Bluetooth” icon.

Your phone’s Bluetooth will be turned on and start searching for any nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 2

Turn on the headphones and enable the “Pairing Mode.” Power on the headphone by just hold on the “Power Button” for 2 to 3 seconds.

Once you can see the flashing LED light, it means that the headphone is turned on.

Now, to enable the pairing mode, hold the “Power Button” for another 7 to 8 seconds until you see a static “Blue Light” being turned on.

The “Pairing Mode” enables the headphone to be discovered by the phone.

Step 3

Now, go to the phone and tap on “Scan” to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once your phone discovers the headphone, tap on it to pair the devices.

You have paired your Sony Bluetooth headphones and your Android mobile phone successfully!


Most people complain that it is difficult to pair a headphone and iPhone via Bluetooth.

Do not have to worry! Just follow the below steps to get the job done without breaking a sweat.

Step 1

On your phone, go to the “Settings” and then tap on “Bluetooth.

Now to power on the Bluetooth, toggle the button beside “Bluetooth,” towards the right. Now your iPhone is ready to be paired with any nearby Bluetooth device.

Step 2

On your Sony headphones, find the “Power Button.

Then, to enable the pairing mode in the headphone, long-press the “Power Button” until you see flashing LED lights.

This indicates that the headphone is turned on, and the “Bluetooth Connectivity” is enabled.

Step 3

Go back to your iPhone and check if your phone has discovered the headphones.

Simply tap over the name of the headphone to get both the devices paired.

The procedure is very simple and similar to Android mobile phones.

Windows 10 PCs

Connecting Bluetooth headphones with a Windows 10 laptop does not require any add-ons, because every laptop has inbuilt Bluetooth devices.

This may not be true for every desktop.

If your computer does not have an inbuilt Bluetooth device, it is recommended to buy an external Bluetooth dongle and plugging it to one of the USB ports.

Once done, follow the steps below-

Step 1

Open the “Bluetooth and other devices settings.” This can be done by typing the same on “Windows Search Bar.

Step 2

Turn on the “Bluetooth” and click over “Add Bluetooth or other devices.”

Step 3

Next, you have to select the kind of device that should be added. Obviously, it is a Bluetooth device.

So, click on “Bluetooth.” This will make your PC to search for available Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.

Step 4

Turn on your Sony headphones and enable pairing mode. This will make the headphone visible to the PC.

Eventually, you can click over the name of the headphone on your PC to connect them both.

Thus, your headphone and PC are connected for unlimited entertainment, if the headphone has unlimited battery capacity.


Pairing a computer-based on Linux OS and a Bluetooth headphone is considered the most tedious and cumbersome job.

Known for its unbreakable security, Linux is also known for its not very user-friendly interface.

However, you are in the right place and the right time!.

This article will help you pair your Sony Bluetooth headphones with your PC with Linux OS very quickly!

Step 1

Ensure that your PC has a Bluetooth dongle. If not buy one and plug it in. Confirm its working condition by looking for the “Bluetooth” icon in the system panel or system tray.

Step 2

Click on the “Bluetooth” icon to open the “Bluetooth settings” and turn it on.

Step 3

Make sure your Sony headphone is turned on and its “Bluetooth connectivity” is enabled by following the user guide provided along with the headphones.

Step 4

In your PC, identify the headphone device and connect to it.

Step 5

Then, open the “Audio Settings” to check if the headphone is listed there.

Else, you need to restart the computer and follow the abovementioned steps again.

Step 6

Once the headphone is available in the “Audio Settings,” play music or video to ensure the connectivity between the PC and the headphone.

However, the job is not yet done. If you observe keenly, the audio will be playing in your default speakers too.

What to do now? How to make the audio play only in the headphones?

Step 7

Go to “System Settings” and click on “Multimedia.

Then, click on “Audio and video” and go to “Device Preference.

Finally, click on “Audio Playback.

Find your listed headphone device and move it above the built-in audio device.

You have made the headphone as the default audio device. Now, the audio will only play in the Sony headphones.

The process may be lengthy but not very difficult!

Bluetooth headphones are the in-thing and have none of the troubles with handling messy wired headphones.

Learn how to connect your brand new Sony headphones to your source device via Bluetooth, and enhance your style and level of entertainment.














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