How To Make Headphones Louder?

Most of us have had problems with our earphones or headphones not providing the volume level we want. Although it is not a critical issue, it is an irritant and tends to dampen our mood.

This is especially the case when we want to drown out external noise, but cannot, because of the limited loudness of our gadget.

Before we jump into the article, we have to understand that it is NOT possible to make your headphones louder. It can only play music as loud as it is designed for.

However, settings on our phones or hardware limitations often result in the gadget underperforming. In this article, we’ll see how to make the best of our headphones and get the maximum loudness out of them.

Some of these points are basics, but they go a long way in getting the most out of your earphones or headphones.

Get The Best Out Of Your Headphone

Maintain Them Well

The heading is numbered “0” because that’s how basic it is. If you keep your headphones (or any other gadget) in good condition, they will perform well and last long.

On the other hand, if you’re careless and leave them about, your earphones will collect dirt and grit.

Obviously, this will affect the sound quality. The delivered volume will remain the same but the sound you hear will be less because of all the accumulated dirt.

1 – Check The Volume Settings On Your Phone

Sometimes, the fix could be a very simple one. In your phone settings, increase the cap on maximum volume. This will ensure that the headphones deliver sound as loudly as they can, without a limitation placed by the driver.

2 – Enable Developer Options

Another thing that you could do is to enable developer options.

Go to your phone settings > About Phone >And then click on the build number and become a developer.

This way, if your earphones or headphones have separate volume controls, they won’t be synced with the volume controls on your device.

You could set one at maximum, and regulate the volume with the other.

3 – Software To Boost The Volume

There are software available for Android and iOS to enhance the loudness delivered by your earphones. These can bypass the sound limitations set by your phone.

Set the loudness to your preferred level, and the other settings will be adjusted automatically by the app.

On your PC, you can use software like Letosoft and Equaliser APO to enhance the loudness of the audio.

Both of them come with videos online to guide you about the installation process, and they are used widely.

On your phones, all you need to do is scour the play store for apps that amplify sound.

A number of cult favorites are available both on the Google and Apple play stores. Some of the favorite apps used by Android users include Ultimate Volume Booster, Volume Booster Pro and Volume Control.

Their counterparts in the Apple play store are Volume Boost, SonicMax Pro and Equalizer.

4 – Resort To Better Hardware

Sometimes, for the beefier headphones with an impedance of 300 ohms or so, your device fails to provide the necessary power output.

In addition, the amplifier present in your device may not do justice to the sound quality that is meant to be delivered by your headphones.

In such a scenario, there are two things you could do. You could use an external amplifier, connect it to your phone, and connect your headphones to the amplifier instead.

Considering that the spatial restriction present in your phone is not there in the amplifier (the entire space of the amplifier is just used for volume boost, but your phone has to house so much more in a lesser space), the loudness of your earphones will be much better.

However, connecting an amplifier directly to your phone will only amplify the digital signal of the phone, and there is still the limitation of the maximum sound your headphones can process.

Thus, the other option available is that of using a combination of DAC (digital to analog converter) and an amplifier. You could connect a DAC to your phone and then connect an amplifier next to which you can connect your headphones.

This will amplify the analog signal instead, and give you better quality sound.

Another thing to note here is that no external set up like this will help your Bluetooth headphones.

All you can do is go for APPX configured headphones, and that should give you good quality audio.

Wise Purchase Decisions

Technology is advancing rapidly, and as a result, gadgets are getting smarter. Research thoroughly and be informed before buying your headphones.

Making a wise purchase decision saves a lot of trouble afterward!

1 – Buy In-Ear Pods Or Over-The-Ear Headphones

Compared to the earbuds that were prevalent in the past and are in the present, the earphones that go in the ear deliver better quality audio.

Furthermore, the silica gel ear cap sits snugly at the entrance of your ear canal, muffling external sound to an extent.

These earphones, even in minimal volume settings, can give you satisfactory experience since they drown out external noise.

The beefier headphones that sit over your ears and completely cup them, taking noise cancellation up a notch.

With bigger and better amplifiers, these gadgets make sure that you get the best of both worlds by drowning out external noise completely, at the same time delivering high quality, loud audio.

2 – Check Specifications While Buying New Earphones/Headphones

Any headphone or earphone requires power from the driving device, like your phone or iPod. So, it is advisable to buy a pair that does not draw a lot of power.

If their specified impedance is less than 32 ohms, you’re good to go! This is because your average device will supply enough power for these to be loud.

You need a sensitivity of more than 95 decibels if you want to appreciate loud music.

However, in compliance with the recent noise regulations for headphones, the loudness may have been brought down. This could be the reason why the latest earphones or headphones you bought is less loud than the last one you had.

Nevertheless, you can bypass this through one of the ways mentioned above. Albeit, it does carry associated risks, and you should be confident about the hardware of the headphones.

In a nutshell, research and buy the right headphones, maintain them well and use any of the steps mentioned above to get the best out of your headphones and enjoy audio at its best.

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