5 Best Headphones Under £50

Buying the ideal pair of headphones has always been a Herculean task that is hated by many across the globe.

They are not too cheap to make a careless choice. But at the same time, they are not expensive enough for users to receive a trial as one does for a piece of furniture or a vehicle.

This zone makes reaching the middle ground between having a quality product and being cost-efficient all the more difficult.

But fret not, for here are five headphones that have satisfied the parameter of being the best for the price given.

In this review, we will look at five well-received headphones in ascending order, cost-wise.

However, all of the products mentioned below are below the £50 budget.

1. Sony MDRZX310L.AE Foldable Headphones – Metallic Blue

These budget-friendly over-the-ear headphones are not just sleek in design and neat-looking on the eyes.

  • These headphones are not going to hurt your head. They are incredibly light in comparison to other headphones in the market. Weighing only 127 grams, they act as a very mobile device.
  • Moreover, these headphones are foldable into a compact shape to enhance the ease of carrying them around when one wants to travel with less baggage.

The lightweight of this product, however, does not imply any kind of deficiency with the physical strength of the headphones. One can use them roughly as travel demands a bit of harshness.

Their compact shape ensures even pressure distribution on it when it is packed in its folded condition.

Audio quality

The product has 30mm ferrite drivers on either side. This gives the user a well-balanced and powerful audio output. This is important in making the overall experience of using the headphones magical.

Moreover, the headphones are well-known to be long-lasting and retain their audio quality over a long time.


The design of the product, while well-suited for tours and trips, doesn’t have the sought-after noise cancelling feature.

However, the headphones cancel enough background noises to have the best experience listening to music while in the car. They manage to filter out sounds like traffic and wind while in a vehicle.

For all the bass lovers out there, this is an excellent option to go with to satisfy your cravings. These well-built headphones are known for nailing its game in getting different genres of music, effortlessly.

While having a robust audio output for a plethora of music genres, it is not found to be having too much power for any type of music.


One can use the headphones without a break for a long time and feel no discomfort of any sort. This is not just because of the lightweight nature of the product, but also the construct of it.

The headphones have well-built padding that is large enough to cover the ears without pressing too hard on them. The adjustable length of the headband makes it versatile for multiple users.


This headphone, having all the features as mentioned above, is unbelievably pocket-friendly as well. The low cost of these headphones makes it an attractive deal to students and people who don’t want an extremely industrious headphone and hence aren’t keen on spending too much.

Additionally, it is an ideal product to gift to someone, thanks to its surprisingly low cost without compromising on the quality and features.

Beyond all, the brand name of Sony speaks volumes about the durability, quality and promise the product shows.

2. Betron BN15 Wireless Headphones:

A common struggle people face with headphones is that the wire that connects it to the audio device keeps disturbing them.

This can be from a laptop, mobile phone, or even a TV. This would not be a problem with these extremely comfortable Bluetooth headphones.

  • No more hassle from wires that come in your way while jogging or working. Additionally, these Bluetooth headphones, once connected, have an impressive working range up to 10 meters of distance from the audio device, which is rare.


This product is compatible with a wide range of devices like Android smartphones, iPhones, MP3 players and laptops, making it a versatile accessory.

With these headphones; working, working out, casual music sessions, and even long drives are convenient.

With 40mm drivers, the headphones are not for the weak. They can deliver compelling sounds with fantastic quality. The top-notch build of the drivers gives the users a well-rounded experience.

Moreover, they are well-suited for any audio, be it clear vocals, extreme bass, hard rock, or mellow melodies.


The comfort of these headphones is not limited to the absence of the annoying wires. Additionally, it also reduces the need to reach the audio device to a great extent.

With its features like volume adjusting buttons and built-in microphones, attending calls and adjusting music volume becomes easier.

Battery Life

Furthermore, these headphones have powerful batteries that last for up to 12 hours with just a single charging. They provide exceptional performance with their quality build and are built to stand against the tests to time.

They can be conveniently charged with a micro-USB cable making the charging process all the more simple.

Even if the battery runs out at an inconvenient time of necessity, the headphones can be used with a standard 3.5mm audio cable. This cable comes along with the packed product during delivery.

These over-the-ear headphones are also very convenient to carry around during travel as they are foldable. Hence, a small travel bag goes a long way in accommodating the headphones.

Additionally, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, with a cushioned headband of adjustable length that is suited and designed for long hours of continuous usage.

Additional Features

Though the device is not designed to have a noise-canceling feature, there seems to be a considerable amount of noise filtering in the headphones. With all these features available at a cost this low, it is a terrific bargain for not just students, but anyone who sets their eyes on this product.

3. Riwbox ZBT-80 Bluetooth Foldable Headset:

When one thinks of comfortable and portable headphones, the image they have in their head is probably very close to these headphones. They are trendy, classy and neat on the eye.

  • With moderate weight, it isn’t painful to wear either. Its 40mm drivers of best quality provide a fantastic experience as it completely encloses the user’s ears, engaging them in an all-round auditory experience.

Audio quality

The audio quality of this headset is suitable for all kinds of audios, ranging from jazz, deep bass, and soothing melodies.

This is a good choice if you need excellent voice clarity during calls and meetings. So, be it crisp voice clips, or an opera-themed music session, this headset has got you covered, quite literally.


With a powerful Bluetooth connection, the inconvenience of tangled wires getting in your way can be easily removed. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this headset sends voice reminders when the battery gets low.

Additionally, once paired with a particular device, the headset automatically senses and connects with them during later uses.


These versatile headphones are compatible on a wide range of platforms, making it easy to use.

  • The battery life of these is very impressive as they can go up to 12 hours of impeccable performance with one full charging. For an average user, it could last anywhere from 3 days to a week, which is rewarding for the cost.

Furthermore, it doesn’t affect your plans significantly if the battery happens to die out at the most unfortunate moment. The device runs on a standard 3.5mm audio cable as well, if need be.

Charging the device is extremely easy and straightforward. A micro-USB cable charges the headphones. The grid, a power bank, or even a laptop can power the cable.

Noise isolation

What is unique about these headphones is that they have noise isolating earpads. The earpads have a high elastic protein leather on it to enable the feature. This is a very innovative and cost-efficient alternative to the expensive noise cancellation headphones.

The high protein material gives the earpads a silky texture, and hence, it does not cause discomfort on the ears even when used for a long time.


The Bluetooth facility provides an all-round experience, enhanced by the volume and mute buttons available on the earpads to minimize the utilization of the audio device.

Overall, the headphones are an excellent buy for the price. Besides, it offers so much at such a low cost. This makes the product an attractive purchase for gifting and students.

4. OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphones:

Users who love to listen to intense music often and involve themselves considerably with audio mixing and recording do not like to compromise on quality.

  • A DJ, or an audio mixer, who focuses more on intense music listening and recording on quite a regular basis can find these headphones a perfect fit.


The users get a well-padded and cushioned headband whose length is adjustable. With a luxurious ear padding, long hours of working with these headphones would be a piece of cake, so to say.

  • The comfort increases with the earcups, which can rotate 90 degrees to fit the ear at the best angle possible. Moreover, the earcups are large enough to encase the entire ear, to give a wholesome experience.


These DJ style headphones are aptly matched with a classic DJ style cable that is 9.8 feet long. This cable makes the connection to a mixer or a television that is far from the user easy and convenient.

This cable proves to be useful as the user can sit and work comfortably in their comfortable couches while not compromising on their mixing. What makes these headphones unique is how they have two standard plug-ins of 3.5mm and 6.3mm for different needs. This makes them accessible on a wide range of devices.


With a 500mm durable neodymium pair of drivers, these headphones provide outstanding sound quality. This quality is apt for mixing and creating music.

This is a professional DJ headphone with a well-balanced audio distribution for elevated auditory experiences. With all these features and top-notch quality, these headphones make it an ideal buy for all audiophiles and DJs.

5. OneAudio Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones:

Some people always prefer to work privately in their own space, living in their world. For such introverts, disconnecting from the world, they are in is essential to open their creativity to its fullest.

Their talents hit their peak when they are left to themselves with the least disturbance from their surroundings. These people can find their perfect pair of headphones with this product.

Active Noise Cancellation

With the industry-leading active noise cancellation technology, these headphones are fabulous at filtering out every bit of noise from your surroundings.

This gives you the best and most surreal musical experience. Even with noisy kids at home, one can attend important meetings peacefully, provided they need not speak.

Apt-X Low Latency Technology

These amazing earphones are an ideal fit for listening to music.In addition, they are also for movies and gaming as the new apt-X low latency technology results in very little time lag. With a time lag of only up to 40 milliseconds, gaming experiences become way better.


The headphones come with an adjustable headband. Moreover, cushions are additionally equipped on these headphones to make the users feel more comfortable. The earpads have a memory-protein cushion that resembles human ear texture. Thus, the user feels more comfortable wearing the product.

In addition, these over-the-ear headphones have a 40mm neodymium driver pair making for exceptional audio quality and a wide range of genres. Be it deep bass, clear vocals, or even mind-soothing melodies; this product is sure to surprise you.


Be it light or heavy music listeners, DJs, or gamers; there is some kind of headphone or the other available under your budget that will satisfy your needs. Finding the right pair of headphones can be tedious.

Nevertheless, with enough research about what each product has to offer, you can find the right pair that is made for you. Hope this piece helps you in giving you an inkling on narrowing down the vast amount of options.

We also hope that this article has given you enough information to get to know your requirements in a pair of headphones.

Happy shopping!

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