Best Headphones for Music Production

The Best Headphones for Music Production

For full-time mixers, sound technicians, or music producers, even slight imperfections in sound can be a problem, especially if they do not have the right headphones. Using high-end headphones does not guarantee excellent sound quality; for professional use and music production, you need the right headphones. For your convenience, we have listed down the best headphones for music production

Here are the 5 best headphones for music promotion currently on the market:

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Headphones

Best Headphones for Music Production
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

This is one of the best brands for headphones, which are of exceptional quality at a low price. It is the right choice if you are looking for the best headphones for music production.

It is equipped with rare earth magnets, and it has copper clad voice coils. The sound quality is clear because of its extended frequency. It includes three detachable cables.

There is also sound insulation from ambient noise, it has even 90 degrees swiveling ear cups, which allows the users to monitor with a single ear as well when needed.

The earpads are professional, and it is collapsible.

They have an extensive surface area through which they can cope efficiently with bass frequencies. Their transient response is excellent, and these headphones are the best choice for in-ear monitoring in the studio. Moreover, there is a detachable cord and are available in the coiled or straight options for versatile usage.


  • It has large transducers
  • There is an extended frequency response
  • They are very well-engineered
  • There is a choice for cords available


  • The plastic buttons give a cheap look
  • The battery life could’ve improved


Overall, these headphones provide excellent quality audio sound, with high accuracy and with its smooth transient response; these headphones are a great choice to buy. They are also quite durable yet quite comfortable even for the extended mixing sessions. They are the best noise-canceling headphones for music production.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Headphones

Best Headphones for Music Production
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Headphones

These headphones are known to give the most realistic representation of your music piece, once you have completed your audio composition.

It has high flux neodymium drivers, and it can deliver highly accurate signals, and the audio quality is excellent and an excellent choice for the in-studio use.

These headphones are constructed with superior quality materials and components, making them a long-lasting piece.

Thanks to their broad range frequency response, it can perform right away. It has high-quality tesla drivers, which work very well at high output, which can create a high-resolution audio quality.

The design is open back circumoral, which can add dimension to the sound reproduction, and it helps to prevent fatigue.


The headphones sit comfortably with the headband being durable and flexible. There is also a choice of pads, which helps to provide an extraordinary experience.

Moreover, it is well cushioned with precision woven textiles with different acoustic fabrics, which offers a unique sound experience along with comfort.

Furthermore, they have a single coiled cord, which has extra strength, and it helps to prevent the headphones from getting tangled with the wires. The impedance is 250 ohms.


  • The design is open-backed
  • It has high accuracy sound for audio analysis
  • The build quality is excellent
  • The drivers are impeccable
  • The response has a full frequency


  • The headphones do not block out ambient noise


The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Headphones for Studio are no doubt one of the best options in the market. The audio reproduction that they provide is entirely accurate and vital for mastering or editing. These headphones are well constructed, and it can deliver spatial audio listening because of their open-back design.

3. Sony MDR7506 Professional

Best Headphones for Music Production
Sony MDR7506 Professional

When it comes to the brand and sound quality, Sony is the name that comes to mind. It is well known for being durable, efficient, and having high-quality output.

These Sony MDR7506 Professional headphones are not just excellent quality but are also one of the low priced ones in the range of premium headphones.

They have impressive combination drivers, which utilize sizeable 40mm PET diaphragm and neodymium magnets.

They can reproduce audio with crisp definition and the right choice when you want to detect subtle nuances.


There is also a closed-back ear cup option which can filter the surroundings passively and provide excellent isolation when you want to identify something particular in the mix which you cannot do through your speakers.

The ear cups have well-cushioned and are mounted with the option to swivel. They have a supportive and robust headband, which is also padded comfortably to match.

Moreover, they can also be folded away in case you have to travel or take them along with you. They are also equipped with a storage case. Furthermore, there is a coiled studio cord, and both the Unimatch and the connector plug-in adapter are gold plated.


  • It is equipped with a flat sound profile, which is great for critical listening
  • Ideal for recreating live performance sound
  • Highly comfortable even when wearing for extended hours
  • It has a coiled wire
  • Large-diaphragm
  • Accessibly priced


  • There is no detachable cable or jack
  • The adapters may not be the correct size for a lot of devices and extensions


The Sony MDR7506 Professional headphones provide high definition audio and are long-lasting and of exceptional quality, which is synonymous with the Sony brand name. Moreover, they are very comfortable even when they are used for long periods and are travel-friendly. The price range is highly affordable as compared to other headphones with similar features, making them value for money.

4. Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphones for Music Production

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphones
Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphones

This is from the Sennheiser 500 series.

It is a new and improved open-back model version remastered along with exposed dynamic drivers. These are the best open-back headphones for music production.

It can produce high-quality audio with its high-performance transducers, which are 38mm in measurement.

That may be slightly smaller than many others, but since they are oval-shaped, they can provide a similar surface area at a larger diameter as a circular set.

The audio is directed more professionally due to the oval shape.


They are built with premium quality components making them durable and robust. They are highly comfortable with their ergonomic refinement design, which is known as EAR for short. Moreover, the ear cups have velour cushions, and the headband is well stitched.

There is extended low-frequency response; with an impedance of 50 ohms, it can provide an impressive high-fidelity audio sound. It is equipped with two detachable TRS cables in ¼ and 3.5 mm sizes, which helps to solve the problems associated with adapters.


  • It has the EAR design
  • It is open backed
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Nice finish and sturdy built
  • It has premium drivers


  • It is expensive


These Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphones are well constructed, making them robust and sturdy since they are made with high-quality parts, and the audio and sound quality is excellent. It has open backs, which is a unique feature since it allows for spatial audio, which is a much-needed feature for music production. Overall, these headphones are excellent for extended-lasting use since they are of good quality and provides accurate sound quality. They are also considered as the best headphones for dance music production.

5. Behringer HPX2000 Headphones

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones
Behringer HPX2000 Headphones

If you are looking for the best cheap headphones for producing music as well as excellent sound quality, then the Behringer HPX2000 is the perfect choice for you.

It retails for a very affordable price range, and even though it may not be comparable to other high-end brands for headphones, this pair of headphones is undoubtedly one of the best buys when it comes to value for money.

These are marketed as a DJ model since it delivers a high-definition audio sound.

It is highly efficient since it is well equipped with a unique cobalt capsule design, it has transducers, which can perform with high input as well as a high output.


It also provides a sound quality, which is high definition, even though these are low budget headphones.

Moreover, they are constructed with high-quality components and materials which can incorporate design and comfort. It is adjustable, thanks to the ear cups that are rotatable and makes it more flexible.

The headband is also lightweight and flexible, which makes it comfortable for repetitive use even in the studio environment, which is busy and loud. Furthermore, the copper wire helps to reduce oxidization, and there is only a single-entry point which allows to reduce the chances of damage and wear and tear daily.


  • It is high definition and high resolution
  • The headphones have a cobalt capsule design
  • It has a heavy-duty headband
  • The price is low and affordable


  • You get what you pay for; the construction components are not of very lasting quality


These Behringer HPX2000 headphones are well designed and have an excellent audio sound quality, which is accurate. It is a superb buy for music production, especially when you do not want to spend too much on headphones but want precise sound quality and comfortable design. They are the best affordable headphones for music production. 

Final Thoughts

Once you go through the reviews for the best headphones for music production, you would realize that there is no such thing as the “best.” Most people choose headphones based on the work they do on a routine basis. There is no such thing as a one size fits all, meaning there are no headphones, which will have everything much, needed in music production.

You need to have the required elements in mind when you decide to purchase a pair of headphones. These factors can be constructed; the build or the price, and these factors can help you make the right decision of which headphones would work for you.

However, if you still do not know or find the options of so many headphones in the market to be tricky, then the reviews mentioned above can be of some help to you.

These reviews are based on the efficiency, quality, durability, and value for money of headphones, which makes them the best headphones for music production.